Screw Daily Blogs!!!!

That is it, I have made the horrid decision to stop daily blogging. Firstly because when I get home from work the first thing I want to do is eat, shower then sleep, Not think about what I need too write. Secondly my life is not that worth blogging about everyday. However I still want to blog, therefore I have come up with the solution to do a blog every third day. So today I will do one as I did not do one on Friday or Saturday. So here it is!!!

Friday- Well today was a better day at work. It was long, Dan and I were the last ones out of the studio at 7 and met the crew in the pub for a well earned drink. But only a quick one as I rushed home to see Jackie. It has been ages since I have seen her. Oh My friends and I have finally booked Disney Land Paris for New Year YaY. That means one of my New Years resolutions is finally been kicked into gear. I am not spending New Year at home whoop…

Saturday- Saturday is such a great word. Especially when you are not working. I had to fit my whole social life into one day and this is how it went.

– Breakfast with Jackie

-Essential Shopping

-3 hour bike ride around Richmond Park with Sam, Dan and Jack

-I had to do some laundry

-Meal with friends which was an awesome catch up

-Matt Richardson comedy night which was bloomin funny. Go watch him on his next tour you will laugh till you hurt!

However it was also a sad day in my household because my Budgie Ben died. He was 14, such a old bird, he had a great life was looked after very well. We shall miss him very much. Love you Ben.

Sunday- I was up and raring to go this morning at 5, Yes I only had 4 hours sleep but no rest for me. I had to work. It was a really brilliant day at work absolutely loved it.  Its such a great crew. And so night for tonight. I need to catch up on some sleep me thinks.


Day 57… Wednesdays Afternoon Tea Search…Groupon 242424

I have decided to indulge in the world of offers today and have gone for Groupon, even when you have no friends you at least know you will receive two emails from this site every day. And finally I am using it too some good instead of just deleting it. I have to say it has not disappointed.

1. Bloomsbury’s DoubleTree by Hilton, Tea for two for £24 do I have to say more… Well ok yes! It is a hotel chain, not a cute cafe which I would imagine mum and I sitting in. However I think I should keep this at the top of the list, as for another £5 I can upgrade it to a cocktail afternoon tea.No harm in that 🙂


2. Hotel Indigo London Kensington, Another hotel I know but this one sounds more amazing than the one above. This is a cocktail afternoon tea. In a renovated Victorian house/hotel soooo has atmosphere for only £24, When it is usually £26 per person. Plus the I am a softy for a great picture and it does well. Look at that cake stand.


3. Thistle Marble Arch Hotel, The hotels are really on it this time round. This one in central and is a AA Rosette-winning hotel. Yes as I said before it is no cafe but with the 1930’s deco it seems ok! What I am impressed by is the photographs. Again it is £24 it seems like a lucky number today.

With not much within these three, they all seem similar in what they are offering. Yes all in hotels but they are all 4* or have won some sort of award so must be good. This has been an eye opener, these 3 are certainly winning. Groupon you have served me well.  Lets see what tomorrow brings.


Day 11… The little people inside my head.

  I don’t know about you but I daydream a lot.  I have an alternative life, one where I get the job of my dreams, where I meet celebrities (I have had many encounters with the likes of Robert Patterson, Zac Efron and Ed Sheeran to name a few) and I have normal day things happen to me which normally don’t happen to me. See I have a very boring life, I get up, go to work then come back home. If I could I would put day dreaming at the top of my CV even above my university degree. However there was this one time, when day dreaming made me feel sick, depressed and not happy. That’s when I decided to stop for a while. You could say I went cold turkey from my own unique drug.

Today for example on the half an hour bus ride to the shopping center and back, I day dreamed that I was going to an interview to work as camera assistant for a tour of a famous singer (in my head it was Ed Sheeren as I had been listening to his songs although I did not know this at the time of dreaming). I had just been passing the office looking for jobs, whilst I passed this office i noticed they were looking for a Camera assistant. I headed inside to a white room filled with a row of 15 chairs each taken par one with smartly suited individuals. I took the last seat. Being a curious person I fidget, most the others sit proper and straight. Two women sit ahead of us with a brown desk in front of them. As she is giving the introduction everyone is in total concentration, my eyes start to wonder.

I look to my  right and study each serious face. At the end of the line a skinny talk spiky ginger haired geek stands out from the crowd and introvertly smiles at the woman who is still talking. On my left a few more people nod and smile, I look further to the wall a mirror peers into the room. My eyes then move to the corners of the room, small security cameras silently search us. I look from the cameras to the Mirrors then back again…that aint a normal mirror, so I finally smile. I think it is then time to listen to what the woman at the front is talking about. She says that we are now going to go around the room and say or do what we like.

First off is the geeky guy, he stands and says his name then sits back down, and so does the next and next. Others do try to impress, adding paragraphs to their story or standing on their chair. When it gets to me I stand, make my way across the room to the mirrors and whisper Hello then smile, turn my back to the mirror and say my name to the room whilst walking back to the chair, I get sniggers and strange looks but it was different right, and I hope everyone outside the room saw it too. For our next challenge we are asked to get into twos, everyone stands and starts to mingle I rise get some funny looks but keep moving to one persons side. Of course the ginger geeky guy. He doesn’t know what to make of me but he has no other offers. We partner up and we are all asked to perform some kind of instrumental piece. Everyone else has already brought instruments, I foolishly look at my partner , a look that says sorry. I get to look over his CV though and he knows sign language, this give’s me an idea. He quickly teaches me the sign for one of Ed Sheerans songs. Performing outside the box and towards the two way mirror was our best shot and the ginger geeky man agreed with my theory. So we turned to face our reflections and performed the piece to perfection.

And that’s when I stopped. I didn’t let myself get any further as I don’t like to live off false hope. So that was my daydream of the day, what about you. Do you get lost out of reality and find yourself in another world. It might make a good little story, If so share your dreams.