Tiredness has nearly knocked me out, somehow 103!

It is Sunday, that is a fact. My mind and body does not believe this one little bit, it has now curled up into a ball after having been worked non-stop for 6 days. Tomorrow will be its 7th then another 4 more days. However I got the most fantastic txt off my boss.

– Hope you got back ok, Thanks so much for everything. Do not come in on time  tomorrow, Please have a lie !

Then another

Great News, Thank you, Come in late Please Tomorrow.

Well I have always been one to follow rules, and I have to do what my boss says. Thank goodness. So here is to a full 10 hours sleep. Whoop.



102 , So it’s Saturday right?

Yeah I think it is Saturday, Although I was in the studio at 8, working at the weekend really messes with my head. It is my 6th day out of 11 straight working days. I am already tucked up in bed at 21.30. Work has completely taken over my world. I do not get home till 8 each night as after work I try and have a normal life by seeing my friends but it is knackering. I just cannot wait for the holiday mum and I are booking. whoop 🙂

And again my alarm is set for 4.45 urgh!


Day 87… My Personal Statement of the day…

Extreme tiredness + alcohol + frozen = walking around sainos unconsciously singing Do you want to build a snowman!!!

What has my life come to, by the end of the week I am half asleep on the tube, drinking prosecco out of paper cups and making my meal for one. I NEVER used to wish for the weekend, Saturday and Sunday were just another work day weather it be on location, in the supermarket or writing an essay. It has now become a time where I recover, give myself some pampering and sleep. The weekend has become precious.

So good bye 5 o’clock wake up time hello sleepin.



Day 76. . . And Breathe.

just-breatheI do love having a bed to myself. I have shared my bed with my boyfriend then my mother then my friend for the past three weekends. All clean sheets I promise. I have had Lottie the last few days, my former uni house mate, class mate and very good friend. I gave her a space in my bed as she had just started a job in London and has not found a place to live yet. I know how hard it is to find a place,  I went through that stress last year and was homeless for two weeks luckily I had a friend to help me out therefore I gave my bed willingly. However I am happy to get my bed back at last whooop.

Today was the first day of a week that could end up stressful. I woke with Lottie’s cold. That was not a good start. I had to creep around a sleeping Lottie. Got to work and it began the stress of a days filming but thankfully I knew what was coming. People took today quite easy.  After we finished I had help to pack all the equipment away for tomorrows location which is an improvement from the other week. The question is… Will we forget anything or have each others equipment tomorrow? Touch wood, lets hope not

So all in all at last, for today only I can let out a breath of relief, tomorrow morning I breathe in again until I get the cameras back to the studio, me into my bed and write this blog. Until then…