Screw Daily Blogs!!!!

That is it, I have made the horrid decision to stop daily blogging. Firstly because when I get home from work the first thing I want to do is eat, shower then sleep, Not think about what I need too write. Secondly my life is not that worth blogging about everyday. However I still want to blog, therefore I have come up with the solution to do a blog every third day. So today I will do one as I did not do one on Friday or Saturday. So here it is!!!

Friday- Well today was a better day at work. It was long, Dan and I were the last ones out of the studio at 7 and met the crew in the pub for a well earned drink. But only a quick one as I rushed home to see Jackie. It has been ages since I have seen her. Oh My friends and I have finally booked Disney Land Paris for New Year YaY. That means one of my New Years resolutions is finally been kicked into gear. I am not spending New Year at home whoop…

Saturday- Saturday is such a great word. Especially when you are not working. I had to fit my whole social life into one day and this is how it went.

– Breakfast with Jackie

-Essential Shopping

-3 hour bike ride around Richmond Park with Sam, Dan and Jack

-I had to do some laundry

-Meal with friends which was an awesome catch up

-Matt Richardson comedy night which was bloomin funny. Go watch him on his next tour you will laugh till you hurt!

However it was also a sad day in my household because my Budgie Ben died. He was 14, such a old bird, he had a great life was looked after very well. We shall miss him very much. Love you Ben.

Sunday- I was up and raring to go this morning at 5, Yes I only had 4 hours sleep but no rest for me. I had to work. It was a really brilliant day at work absolutely loved it.  Its such a great crew. And so night for tonight. I need to catch up on some sleep me thinks.


Day 89 . . . A perfect end to a weekend

Today is a day where i love London. except the part where the clocks decided to change. I woke at 11 this morning thinking what an awesome sleep in I had just had, i rang my mum to wish her happy mothers day only to be asked what time it was. Obviously i said 11, um well i was wrong. . . it was 12 i have never slept to midday before. I am just going to say I wanted to get my hour back.
So with half a day ahead of me I decided to get some good work done. That’s when i get a txt off Jackie wanting to meet in Starbucks at 2. ok i had two hours. I became a cleaning goddess. Bathroom done, kitchen done, livingroom done. hair washed. in two hours i had probably done what i would have accomplished in a whole day.
Meeting Jackie in Starbucks was fun we chatted for an hour only to say good bye i will see you in a few hours.
A few hours later we meet up again with a mates from our old gang at school. Its amazing to live near each other in London and get together, it was always harder to do so when we were back up north just because the bus was never on time and now I think we make more of an effort to cling to those good times. We played in a pub quiz tonight, only to come to last. Yeah we never win.
And happy Mother’s Day, love you mum, sorry I could not be at home, thank you for all your kindness and love.