Day 69…Why do I even try dailygblogs

WTF I am going to bed in 10 mins aka 20.30 as I have never been so tired, why am I submitting myself to dailyblogs I have nothing to talk about today, I am just tired my mind is on auto. It is not processing anything. I even just put Crufts on 40D … There is so much more better tv I could be watching but my mind wondered to the fluffy dog. I think I need sleep.




Day 31…Dreams change…Things happen for a reason.


Dear Blogshpere,

I was going to write a Five-Friday but this seemed more interesting and insightful ha !

So I am at work right now, it is a down day and I do not have anything to do. There are only two of us in the whole building and a bird… it cant get out  of the building so it will have to stay in until it finds its way out. Anyway what I was just thinking about was how much I love my job, well on days where I am busy which is usually everyday. I remember the moment in life when I decided to get into media. I was walking through a corridor at high school on crutches, I had just torn my cruciate ligament, missed my dance exam and had cried all the way to the hospital and back. It did not bother me at first, I thought that it would just get better, unfortunately I kept injuring my knee. Anyway back to where I was… Walking through the corridor at school, Doctor Who had just made its come back and I was so inquisitive, I wanted to know how it worked what it took to make a programme. I was caught by the media bug, Dance my only dream until then became the past. It was like therapy, I had been crying myself to sleep at the thought of not being able to dance, It was a bit over reactive at the time but you know what its like at 14. Watching ‘How it was made TV shows’ gave me an insight and a hunger to be apart of that industry. Therefore I hung up my ballet shoes, picked up a camera and followed my new dream.
The crazy thing was, I am a person who gives up easily and goes onto the next quite quickly, on this I was not going let anything get in my way. I wanted a job that I knew I would love, and today I reflected back to that day. I could have decided on any career path but I am bloomin glad I bumped into this one.


What was your dream? Are you living it or did life get in the way?