Day 27… Who was Ely?

It was late twenty first century when the first reckoning broke out in old England, our book of elders spoke of the tension that had been building ever since the corruption of government. The lack of humanity in the people who owned the country was terrifying to the normal working people below them. The money derived powerful leaders took it upon themselves to change how the country was run.They discarded those who were not equals and left those with some wealth to fight for a place next to power. This era was regarded as the Bleak, poverty was the norm and many secrets were sold,  this was a moment in history that the book of elders did not to dwell to long on.

The book of elders however starts with the story of the gracious Ely Williams, who took the burdens of the city upon his shoulders, unknowingly to him that it would be his death in years to come. Before his influential status he was like you and I, living under all those who had a ounce of power. People who knew him as a child only remember his innocent piercing blue eyes, he only ever achieved good and thus won over the hearts of his peers. Throughout the years he became popular in the lower society, mysteriously conjuring anything that was needed, giving no clues on how it happened but just words of wisdom that gave the community hope. No-one ever suspected someone from a lower society to be a threat to power, Ely had a way of disguising his huge community of followers. Over the years of Ely’s underling crusade the alliance to power had somewhat slipped and with their greed had not noticed, one by one communities across old England followed the leadership of Ely. In these years Ely had gathered his own guild of people worthy of greatness,  Sapphire became the signature of Ely, Emerald, Earth, Violet, Sun each of these great people dug out power from their hiding and replaced them to make a better world.

More tomorrow!!!




Day 13. Monday means story time :)

Last week I gave the blogsphere two passages of a little story that I would like to continue every Monday, this will let me tick off one of my new years resolutions and let me have some fun knocking away those Monday blues. (However tired I am, like tonight). I am really as I worked 14 hours yesterday non stop so it will not be much of a start I am sorry.

I call my story The Kingdoms Reckoning,

There is not point of pretending I am going to get back to my blissful sleep, sun has slithered through the cracks of the dusty blind and angered my senses. Yet excitement is brewing within me, I breathe in hard and exhale the butterfly’s into the chill of the night, dragon’s breath rolls out and vanishes into the dusk. With light seeping through the blinds the outline of my graduation cap and gown hang as if they are draped around a ghost. A ghost that would proudly walk upon that stage themselves and accept the token of freedom, taking mockery at my nerves.

It is only a passage tonight folks, Its 21.46 and I am off to bed.

Night, L