Dear Blogsphere

I am feeling in a reflective mood tonight, so your going to get another blog from me. As I sit here in my tiny yet cute hotel room alone, I was thinking how great it is to share my days and travel with you, I have to say that I would not be in this hotel if I did not post that blog last week. I still can’t believe it myself. Well January went better than what I was expecting it to. If you scroll to the 1st January you will see what I was worried about, but now I don’t have to move house I still have a job, I have kept up with my daily blogs, and the best thing is I am feeling more myself. The biggest though is my blog from last week Day 25 to be specific. It was my day of the revelation of my independence, I was wanting to go away but that nagging person in my head was stopping me from being free. Look at me now, I fought my fear and I am in Rome I did it. It was a spontaneous break and I ran for it, it makes me feel amazing, it is a huge achievement I have never done anything like this in my life, I never thought I would have the guts to. Even though I am alone, I feel better knowing I still have all you out there in my Blogsphere to share everything I do.

So this is just a big thank you, for the likes, the adds and the smiles.



Day 24… Dear Blogsphere

Dear Blog

Today was the last day of this series filming and one that I was worried about from the start of the year. I can recall being terrified of what would happen when my contract came to an end. Worried that I would be jobless, that I would have to move back up north, try and find a person to take my room. It really stressed me out. However here I still am, Yes it was the last day but I am back in on Monday for another 3 months!!! I was asked back to do another series, it was a huge weight off my chest. All that worrying at the start of the year and I am fine now for another few months. So here is my Fivefriday

1. Finding smiley faces in objects. I found these faces this week. 😉

20140119_182807 20140124_152837

2. My birthday- I turned 23, I have wanted to be 23 all last year only because Runners are able to get more jobs because car insurance is somehow cheaper!!! Yay more jobs. My mum and dad gave me a lovely Micheal Kors watch as they are sick of me getting a new £20 watch every three months. Below is a picture of my birthday cake 🙂


3. Getting so drunk that I don’t remember half the night!!! NEVER AGAIN I think it was embarrassing, I cant remember how I got to my friends bed so waking up next to them was a shock. They did in the morning explain what happened… I was carried out of the bar by the bouncer after being sick in the toilet, I could not walk, had to get a taxi home with two friends who thought it was a good idea if I stayed at their house so they could keep an eye on me. They changed me into PJs and gave me a hot water bottle!!! Pretty good friend there. I am never getting like that again. I have at least two hours of memory that is blank.

4. Divergent- Well what can I say. This book has captured me, all I want to do is curl up in a corner and keep reading. It is very action packed. I would say that is it getting repetitive but it is a thrilling read. I would have had the characters be older, knowing their age makes it seem less realistic. It is a keeper. Please read.

5. Feeling proud and not worried… This is a strange one, but to think 24 days ago I was so terrified that I was not going to have a job right now and to have a job is something short of an achievement for the week.