Day 62… A Taxi or two and Happy Bulgarian Liberation day

This is another random blog that the little people in my head have decided to make . I am a person who takes a lot of taxis, all of them Addison Lees. It is just the norm. This means I come across a lot of drivers and a lot of different lives. Today for example on my way to the location I had a man I would say is 50. I am not a person to be quite when in a taxi, I don’t like that awkward silence. So if they are wiling to talk I start. However this man did not stop. I found out he was from Bulgaria, he has a wife who he has been married too 23 years today. He has a son and his wife has a sister. When they fist got married she nearly hit him and he told her that he would never try and hit her and if she did that again she would be out, Looks like it did not happen. He likes too cook pasta, mainly for himself because his wife has a stomach problem.   It is Bulgaria’s Liberation Day. He went to university and studied engineering, this is where he met his wife. She had a long career in engineering but he could not find a job hence why he is now a taxi driver. I was shown a picture of him on new years eve wearing a smart tux, then a picture of him on his wedding day. He got me to my location we shook hands and parted. That short period of time in a tax is a funny one, you glide by a persons life for a brief moment knowing you will probably never see them again. He was a happy guy and it was nice to be apart of his day.

My trip home was a younger man I would say 25, he was rather attractive, ginger hair and big brown eyes that went on forever. He had such a brilliant east London accent. I think he must have been new to the job or  he had not had that much practice taking down the back seats as I had to show him how. Yes I know how to do it, I go on a lot of locations where lots of equipment is used.  He had been working since 5 this morning and I was his last job at 4 tonight. We went past a bar and he told me that this morning at 10 there were still people outside drinking, On a Monday morning….. He is learning the Knowledge which I found out the other day from another addlee driver who is also learning the Knowledge is that s the training to become a licensed Black cab driver. It can take several years to pass and has numerous test that is scrutinized by a point system. ( I never new that before Friday). So as I left, and he helped me unload the car, I wished him well in his studies.

I do love my taxi rides, although I do not think they love me so much with the amount of equipment I wedge into the back of their cars…

So thank you to all the taxi drivers who have had to put up with me, great work!




Day 34. On top of the world

I have seen some amazing sites today. I visted the smallest state in the world, Vatican city. I got to roam around the beautiful St. Peters Basilica, Climb its many steps to its top and gaze and the wonders of Micheal Angeloe and Raphel. I could have spent the whole day wondering around the Vatican, however I went to visit Trevi fountain where I threw a coin back into its waters, lest hoping I come back. Today has been an eye opener into the history of religion. St Peters took my breath away it has so much to offer, and the paintings of Christ, Mary and so on are exquisite. I even sent a post card from the top of St Peters, Vatican city to my mum and dad. Ha I am certain I will beat it home.





I will be doing two posts this week that go further into my visit and tell you the inns and outs of my solo trip.

Good night x