102 , So it’s Saturday right?

Yeah I think it is Saturday, Although I was in the studio at 8, working at the weekend really messes with my head. It is my 6th day out of 11 straight working days. I am already tucked up in bed at 21.30. Work has completely taken over my world. I do not get home till 8 each night as after work I try and have a normal life by seeing my friends but it is knackering. I just cannot wait for the holiday mum and I are booking. whoop 🙂

And again my alarm is set for 4.45 urgh!



Day 94. . . North

Four and a half hours later and I am home home, back up north. Today has been long, work was a mixture of feelings, excitement of a new challenge, happiness because we finished early, annoyance that we had to pack the kit away, even more annoyance that I got another camera in to set up, anger because some kit is lost and I have no clue what so ever what happened to it as it is something that you would have noticed, crying (again) it all got too much for me, tiredness as my day is going to be even more longer by traveling home.

But that was today. It all begins again in a few days time, I now have two days to do what I want. However I have to thank chris again for being my shoulder to cry on, it’s strange when you meet someone who is just so nice that you get along with so well. He really makes me feel better And listens to me. I do not know why he puts up with it. I am great full for his friendship.

Anyway yes at home now, my mum had made a bath for me with candles and bubble bath. Baths have become a very treasured aspect in my life. And now I am in my lovely bed. Oh how I miss my duvet cover. I am going to sleep well tonight.


Day 89 . . . A perfect end to a weekend

Today is a day where i love London. except the part where the clocks decided to change. I woke at 11 this morning thinking what an awesome sleep in I had just had, i rang my mum to wish her happy mothers day only to be asked what time it was. Obviously i said 11, um well i was wrong. . . it was 12 i have never slept to midday before. I am just going to say I wanted to get my hour back.
So with half a day ahead of me I decided to get some good work done. That’s when i get a txt off Jackie wanting to meet in Starbucks at 2. ok i had two hours. I became a cleaning goddess. Bathroom done, kitchen done, livingroom done. hair washed. in two hours i had probably done what i would have accomplished in a whole day.
Meeting Jackie in Starbucks was fun we chatted for an hour only to say good bye i will see you in a few hours.
A few hours later we meet up again with a mates from our old gang at school. Its amazing to live near each other in London and get together, it was always harder to do so when we were back up north just because the bus was never on time and now I think we make more of an effort to cling to those good times. We played in a pub quiz tonight, only to come to last. Yeah we never win.
And happy Mother’s Day, love you mum, sorry I could not be at home, thank you for all your kindness and love.

Day 76. . . And Breathe.

just-breatheI do love having a bed to myself. I have shared my bed with my boyfriend then my mother then my friend for the past three weekends. All clean sheets I promise. I have had Lottie the last few days, my former uni house mate, class mate and very good friend. I gave her a space in my bed as she had just started a job in London and has not found a place to live yet. I know how hard it is to find a place,  I went through that stress last year and was homeless for two weeks luckily I had a friend to help me out therefore I gave my bed willingly. However I am happy to get my bed back at last whooop.

Today was the first day of a week that could end up stressful. I woke with Lottie’s cold. That was not a good start. I had to creep around a sleeping Lottie. Got to work and it began the stress of a days filming but thankfully I knew what was coming. People took today quite easy.  After we finished I had help to pack all the equipment away for tomorrows location which is an improvement from the other week. The question is… Will we forget anything or have each others equipment tomorrow? Touch wood, lets hope not

So all in all at last, for today only I can let out a breath of relief, tomorrow morning I breathe in again until I get the cameras back to the studio, me into my bed and write this blog. Until then…



Day 75…

A few things on my mind….

Frozen- I have finally out of being bullied watched Frozen… It was such a lovely story, my favorite was Olaf he had some great lines. The songs were pretty good too. I cant get Do you want to build a snowman out of my head.

Catching Fire- OH my day, it comes out on DVD tomorrow… I just do not live anywhere near a place that sells it 😦 my life needs to be complete.

Work- I had some freelance work today on another programme. I worked it last year and today was the first day back for them so I helped out. I forgot how much I loved it at that place and how different a days work is there to where I am now. Its the start of a very long busy week. I am even starting with a cold which I am not happy about.

Diary- I realized yesterday that I have not written in my Journal for nearly a month… I do not know where the days have gone. I am uber busy. Even finding time to write a little blog everyday is becoming difficult. Yet I have more determination to carry on this blog every day, as I can fill in my journal anytime.

So yeah tomorrow starts another week of horrendous filming… I love it but it is going to be hectic. Do you remember the week were I had the brake down at work, well thats going to happen again… I mean the week not the break down I hope.