Weekly Writing Challenge: Cliffhanger second part of the story … Day 7

I think my mind has settled now, the everlasting echos of the gun shots were just a whistle in my mind. Layers of other sounds had made their way into my dreams, a low humming of orders on repeat and an overriding bussel of voices saying strange things about blood, healing and Ethan.

EHTAN… my mind shouts, I have not yet dared open my eyes since the first bang. So much happened in that short space. Ethans body over mine, four five body-shocking rounds of fire, that must have been the point i was either shot or blacked out. How my body felt it was the latter of those. It must been evening now, the sounds of nurses and doctors has subsided but a humming of orders rang somewhere behind my ear. My body felt badly bruised, it was finally time to face the wreckage and open my eyes. The light burnt my dry eyes, 3 white curtains surrounded my tin bed. I kept as still as I could not to arouse any suspicion of my consciousness, I couldn’t clearly remember why I should be cautious I know something happened last night but it was as if my mind had been clouded. I shake my suspicions, I know this hospital to be safe. It was my second time in this hospital and fourth time in my life, mother used to say I had a habit of finding trouble.

My body aches and bones creek as I shuffle of my bed, in my mind I only came here last night but my body feels like it has been lying still for days. Inching slowly towards the curtains. I stop in shock, two nurses stop on the otherside of the white sheet muttering about the recent death of a solo.

‘That boy could have been the one, he had the eyes of a Solo thank goodness someone got to him before he caused trouble.’ said one of the nursers

He had not been tested yet, it could have been a default’

Ouch…’ Oh no that was too loud, as soon as I had spoken the cloth had been whipped back and two pale women stood in horror staring at me.

‘Why are you out of bed lady, you are in no fit state to be walking around the ward’

‘I am sorry mama’ I gently whisper, its probably best to act naive I don’t see how i am going to get out of this one. ‘I..I was just wondering about my friend, Ethan Cross, he came in here with me last night’ There! it was there something on there faces when I said his name it was smugness or there is something they are not going to tell me.

‘Little lady, yes your friend came with you in here the other night but did not make it through the nigh, we did all we could, but you should not have been playing on the lines the current nearly killed you too’  one of the nurses cooed to me as she ushered me back into bed.

But that information did not make any sense, I believed he was dead no one could have survived the gun shots,  but everything she just said was a lie. Let the nurse think I believe it, I make that a mental note in my mind. It would be easier to get out of this hospital if they think i am on their side. My eyes are to heavy to keep open for much longer and I start to drop back off to sleep, when I notice the low whistling of rules getting louder in my head, then Flash my white sheets are covered in a projection of our current leader Ely his bright blue eyes piercing the white cotton. The projecting flickered all our rules and in hypnotizing tones told me to forget always forget. Then something clicked in my mind, That was it, that’s how they were preventing the whole of the country from knowing the truth, we were all being hypothesized into forgetting the past, the war, the real reason people just vanish. Magic was behind those eyes, and powers did exist.


Hope that wasnt too bad, It was a tad rushed as I am going out now to the cinema,

Night everyone, x






Challenge Accepted . . .

Zero to Hero 30-day blogging challenge

  • Why are you blogging, rather than keeping a personal journal?

Well unfortunately I am blogging a journal and its about me so it personal. I think your looking for something deeper right? Ok then… I have always wanted to blog, have people to talk to outside my little world. I never get jobs finished tho, so it has become a task of mine to complete this blog this year. Plus 2014 scares the S**t out of me, I have no plans and that freaks me out and your going to witness my madness of not knowing….

  • What topics do you think you’ll write about?

My journal, tv, books, what is going on in the world or in my head. Yes it will be mainly thing going on inside my head, the little buggers up there need to be let out now and then.

  • Who would you love to connect with via your blog?

People who can advise me on things I can do to make my life more interesting, If there is a place I should visit or a TV show you think I should watch please feel free.

  • If you blog successfully throughout 2014, what would you hope to have accomplished?

My whole blog is about blogging this whole year so that would just be an accomplishment in its self.

Phew I think that is enough for today. I am actually really excited now I have so much to learn. My blog seems a bit too static at the moment, I look forward to learning how to make it Shine 🙂

Thank you