Day 67. . . Mum comes to visit

What a wonderful day, after all my time the other week stressing and researching many options for the perfect afternoon tea we finally made it to St Ermins Hotel. I use finally loosely, mum got off the train at 12.30 the reservation was for 13.30. That gave me an hour to distract my mother without giving away the surprise. So we walked from Embankment, saying we would get on the tube at St James. Oh the distractions on the way… Big Ben, the London eye, the war memorial with granddads name on and Westminster of course. All the time I was trying to hurry her along without braking. Until we got to the Caxton Grill and turned the corner to the hotel when I gave in and said I had booked in for lunch…. She was pleasantly shocked. Soooo the verdict, after my mothers hysterical surprised cry, she never expected to be wined and dined.


I cannot fault the service, from entering the front of house and being welcomed into the hotel, shown to the tea room, our coats being taken before we were seated. To the waitresses being polite and explaining to us how the afternoon tea worked and what food was on the lavish cake stand.


We were given a choice of freshly baked scones, fresh cream and jam. I usually do not like the above but I fell for these, the scones were still warm the cream was not sickly and for a person who really does not like jam … Well it vanished and well received. But that’s not all, the first thing that the waitresses came out with was peach Bellinis and oh wow it went to my head. Just don’t fill up yet… More to come.


We got to pick out our own tea. Mum and I don’t really like fancy tea, so we decided to go for the breakfast tea which we later found out was made by the head chef and Wow it was perfect . . . And that is saying something coming from two northerners ha! So tea and champagne 🙂 not just that they were both unlimited yes as much as you can drink whoop.


Then oh then the spectacular begins, the cake stand is brought to the table. It looks amazing. Little sandwiches all perfectly presented, my favorite was the prawn. You would not believe the flavors in these little fingers of sandwich. All on different types of bread too.


After you have eaten the warm scones, and finger sandwiches you have to leave room for the most amazing little desserts. Five fine looking deserts stand between you and afternoon tea perfection. Take it slow though, I was stuffed after the first two. So mum and I had a tea brake, got another glass of champagne before we tucked into the last few sweets. We over stayed out time slot of 1hour 30mins, and stayed for nearly 3 hours. They did not complain or move us on. We could have freely moved to another room and kept drinking the champagne, but I do think you need more than the allotted time to take it all in. It’s a grand occasion and I am extremely happy about my choice.



Yes it was £34 each but it was well worth every penny and more. Altogether I paid £80, it did come to £76ish with the 12% service charge added, they did come to give me change but I was so impressed by the whole event that I just let them keep it. I recommend St Ermins Hotel for any occasion, it is great for mothers day, or just a day out with a friend. My mum had a fabulous day, she made me take lots of photographs to show everyone at home her day. I would go back again. Could not fault it. Really made my mums visit extra special.




Day 66… Fivefriday

Yes it is time to do a fivefriday seen as I am actually up to it.

1.I do not think you have noticed but I love youtube. I am giving my number 1 spot to a person I watch weekly. Zoella! She just suppressed 4 million viewers, then whilst walking around the shop looking at magazines that I never buy I see Zoella on the front page of  Company magazine and have to buy it straight away. Go over to her channel she is a sweet amazing 23 year old who is a sensational youtuber…

2. Finally found a place for afternoon tea! It is a place that I have filmed at once. It looks like a great place for cakes, and I got the champagne deal…Well it is not a deal, I decided to spend a little for once. So it is £34 each but I really wanted to give my mum a treat.  Yay my mum is coming to visit

3. TAX it is a pain in the butt however today was a shock a brilliant shock. Two weeks ago I was paid for a job that I did last year which I knew would be flagged up by HMRC and it did. I got a letter saying that they knew I had two jobs, which I dont. So I rang the people at HMRC to get it sorted only to be told  that I am getting a better deal with my new tax code and i did WHoop!!! £16 more 🙂

4. Finishing Divergent….Well I never, what a shocker, please do not read if you like sad endings. I found it such a wonderful book right until the author decides to kill off a character (not naming them due to spolierrs). I cannot wait till the films comes out though .

5. Happy News

Day 58… Afternoon tea that bursts the bank!

I think it is time to indulge in two of the most famous places to get afternoon tea.


First is The Ritz Hotel. Such a stunning place, it’s restaurant even has a dress code. The area in which you enjoy your afternoon tea is elegantly beautiful. You are wined and dined, the cakes obviously are the finest around and still come on a cake stand, its probably silver plated.  Yes this all sounds quite wonderful but at £45 each, you must be willing to spend an arm and a leg just for a piece of bread. I do think this is a brilliant idea for a special birthday or even a hen doo, and even though I do love my mother lots, I think she would understand if I did not take her here… Sorry mum


Then there is The Savoy Hotel, The pictures of their cakes has taken my breath away. This is the place where I would love to take my mum if I had the money. However it does say you may been to book 6 weeks in advanced and I would want to go on the 8th March which is rather too soon. It is a traditional afternoon tea that would be more than just a cuppa and cake, it would be a wonderful experience. At £108 for two it is wayyyy over my budget (The best so far being £24 for 2). It just feels like a fairy tail dream that only happens in the movies. Maybe one day when I am rich and famous. Ha! I can only dream.

I had better get back to looking at the cheap ones again before it all goes to my head.

Day… 56 – On the Afternoon Tea search

Look what I found Thats my job done! Or it makes it twice as hard with even more choices.

So the first one this evening is – Thames Afternoon Tea Cruise,

As the name suggests you are taken upon a boat and given a tour down the Thames. This is a brilliant idea. I found it on Last minute. com. It is an hour and a half journey and whist you are on board you get a full afternoon tea cakes and all for £33 for TWO!!! this is an amazing deal. I just worry about the quality of cakes… Cake has to be good. It is a winner so far but it is only day two.


Secondly…  Afternoon Tea at Harrods for Two

Another Last Deal here. It is more elegant than the cruise, a little bit more expensive £58.00 but being in Harrods I expect good quality food. A whole day could be made of this trip looking around Harrods. The Tea takes about 2 hours which is a great amount of time. Maybe it is worth the splerge!

indigo tea stand

Lastly for the evenings pondering… Another big one, Marriott County Hall- South Bank

All I have  to say is look at the web page. It seems too good to be true. It has a grand view over looking the Thames, London eye and Parliament. The cakes just look amazing. With the deal I found it is £55 for two people. Which I think is brilliant for the quality we will be getting.  I just have a feeling this one might be booked up. It seems very high-classed.

Tomorrows plan is too look on groupon for those cheapies. But tonight has been a good night of Afternoon Tea Research!




Day 55… WARNING…Mother is visiting! HELP

In a around a weeks time my mother is making the journey from home to come and visit me, her latest txt reassures me of her reasons for her visit.

‘Look forward to seeing you in London, Where you live and work’

This may seem nothing to the normal eye, to mine however it is practically to see if I am coping, (lets just say that yesterdays blog did not happen). I will have to put on a brave face, hide the mold, and cover up the smell of damp clothing ( which is not helping the mold what so ever). She has never seen my house outside of a Skype chat, all in all I did not have to show her what did not have to been seen… Then take her to see the derelict warehouse that of which is the studio, I do not think it will be the weekend away she was hoping for.

However before she get’s hit in the face with the reality of my London conditions I will whisk her from the train and take her to afternoon tea. This is where I need some help. It is always something I have wanted to do myself, A lovely floral tea pot, triangle DE- crusted sandwiches and elegant cakes spring to mind. The cost might be a problem.


Firstly is Chesterfield Hotel Mayfair,

A top hotel boasting it’s fine tea making qualities. It is even apart of the Tea Guild, which I never knew exsisted until now. They pride themselves on and I quote “a prestigious and unique organisation that represents outlets dedicated to brewing and serving tea to the high standards desired by the United Kingdom Tea Council” ( ). It would be an elegent and superb way to start my mothers trip to London, Very posh even a bit too much for mum and I Just that…If it did not cost £34.50 per person… NEXT!!!!

Secondly The Tea Rooms,

Drawing me into their beautifully cute website The Tea Rooms is a little less posh which is perfect for mum and I. It has a simplistic menu with plenty of desserts. At £20 a head it is better than before. The only problem with this one is that it is situated a little further outside London than I would have liked. I would rather it be central. Too bad, but here is the link so you can gander at those cakes.

Thirdly and last for today… Soho’s Secret Tea Rooms,

I only found this one from ease dropping last week when my friend decided to take her mother out for afternoon tea. The website is simple but lures you in wanting to find out why it is so secret. Their website does not give away too much. Not even the price. I think I over heard it being £17.00 per person if it was that wow that is amazing. What I would of liked to have seen is more pictures of what you would get for the price. So this might be a maybe.

I am going to take this weeks blogging to researching Afternoon Tea. I will find somewhere my mum will appreciate before she is plunged into my house. Tomorrow I will look into more places. If you have any ideas please let me know.

To mull over this here is the UK Tea Councils webpage…Well I never!!!