I made it.



It is funny to think that this time last week I was wondering if I was strong enough to go to Rome on my own…and here I am in a hotel in Rome. I can’t wait to start the day tomorrow, there is so much I want to fit in. But today was hectic, firstly there were a lot of delayed trains to the airport due to flooding so I just made a jump and caught the next train hoping it was the correct one, thank goodness it was. Then at the airport a girl needed medical attention and as I am first aid trained I was the first one to her (she was right behind me in a que) I stayed with her until the proper medical staff arrived. It was strange being at the airport by myself, and not going through check out as I had already done it online. So I got to the airport and walked straight to departures, I really did not have to be there two hours before but then I think who would have helped that girl. Then we waited an hour on the plane before setting off as the grounds people changed shifts but I finally made it onto Leonardo express, it was easy to buy tickets, it seems a bit of a sell out but everyone speaks English ha. And then to my hotel, I found it easily did not have to use my map, I love my room it’s tiny but perfect for me, clean, comfy bed shower and I even have a balcony. Bring it on Rome.


Day 29! I am going to Rome !!!!!

Dear Blogsphere,

I did it, I actually booked tickets to Rome, I am off for a single trip to visit the historic city. I have booked the flight and hotel, I even got a lonely planet pocket guide to help me on the way.
This makes me excited and nervous, I can’t wait to see everything I am just unsure how I am going to cope on my own. I am fighting my fears and saying yes for once.
The places that I am wanting to visit in my short two days.
Roman forum
Spanish steps
Trevi fountain
Capitoline museum
St. Peter basilica

I am not sure if i can make it around all of them in two days but I am going to try.

If you have anywhere you think I should go or any information that I need as a solo traveler, any tips on getting around would be great. Especially getting to the Vatican would be appreciated.

This feels like a huge adventure lets hope I can do it.



Day 25… Revelation of Independence

Quotes-Rome Was Not Built In A Day wallpaperI do not know what it was that happened this morning, something kicked in to my system that I am a grown up, that I can be and I am now fully independent. I do not have to tie my life to time. It feels like a revelation of the life ahead of me. That I am free. I live in a flat paying my own bills, I have an on-going (well as much as my contract keeps stretching) Job, I have to take holidays where if I choose I can go away.

The latter I have been thinking most of. I am very much a person who keeps a distance and watches, feels nervous at new things but knows that if I conquer it I feel amazing. And this year I feel like I need to conquer that feeling inside me otherwise my Independence is not going to go far. So I have been thinking about going to Rome next Saturday… of course someone in my head is saying no I cant go on my own but another is telling me Go, be free. I know I can just book it now but something is stopping me like always. It is like I need that permission, which we all seek in childhood. I know I don’t need it, but it feels like my safety net.

To go to Rome or not ?. That is the question.

What do you think, Do you have that feeling that keeps you back from doing the things in life which you wish you could, or are you person like my best friend (who is currently on an adventure) and takes any opportunity in hand and lives life to the full. ¬†All I can say, Watch this space, this time next Saturday I might have been brave enough and I will be in Rome, or my fear will stop me and I will be sat here on my laptop. We shall see. Rome was not built in a day, I don’t think my fear will vanish that quick either.

Enjoy your weekend. Blogsphere